Affiliate Dashboard

Each of your affiliates gets a modern and mobile reporting dashboard. The dashboard shows them exactly how they are performing and provides them with the social marketing tools they need to make more sales!

From their replicated site, affiliates can log in and access a full mobile dashboard. 

Affiliates can choose from many reports and graphical summaries. The reports include sales summaries, activity on their landing pages and links, their past and future commissions, view events and edit their personal calendar, and manage their personal account settings. 

The dashboard includes everything an affiliate will need to drive traffic, make sales, and track their campaigns. 

Affiliates can view emails, manage contacts and mailing list in their CRM, watching training videos and access educational documents and much more from one simple login.

The affiliate dashboard is designed to optimized affiliate success anywhere an affiliate wants to login. They can take their business on the road, and start driving more sales to your business!

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