Replicated Affiliate Pages

Each of your affiliates will be able to share their own replicated instance of your site. The TitanAFFILIATE back office provides easy access for affiliates to get personalized links, banners, and landing pages to help them make more sales for you!

As you create optimized landing pages for your products or services, each affiliate will have replicated versions of these landing pages. In addition, each affiliate has a replicated version of your website where they can login and access marketing tools, learn about your business and products through the virtual training system, and track their traffic and sales.

Our goal is to make onboarding new affiliates easier than ever, and to provide your affiliates with the keys to success through replicated websites. That is the power of the TitanAFFILIATE platform. Automated replication gives your affiliates everything they need from their own personal version of your website.

Create a powerful team of sales affiliates to drive traffic, make sales, and grow your business! 

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