Lead Generation

Generate traffic volume and maximize conversions. Turn leads into buyers with the built in marketing automation follow up tools. No effort required. Your affiliates will love these tools and reports.

Automated Email
Email autoresponders and drip campaigns are some highly effective ways to encourage more signs ups, keep your affiliates active, and great tools to help your affiliates makes more sales.

Autoresponders trigger when a new lead fills out a landing page or an affiliate fills out your website form. You can set up these autoresponders to welcome new affiliates with some initial instructions to help them feel supported and keep them active in your system.

As part of your shopping cart, autoresponders can reduce cart abandonment, encourage upsells or repeat sales, and help turn customers into brand ambassadors by encouraging reviews or shares on social media.

A drip campaign can encourage more signs ups from a mailing list, or help new affiliates get to know your affiliate marketing system.

Affiliates can use automated email campaigns through their replicated landing pages. Customers can receive emails to thank them for purchases, encourage upsells, or remind them to complete their shopping.

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Content Marketing
Generate more leads through a corporate blog. Your affiliates can also turn on a replicated blog to attract more leads to their landing pages and links.

Social sharing tools help attract more traffic and leads to your website, and for your affiliates. Leverage the power of social media in your affiliate marketing platform.

Recruit more affiliates and make more sales with the power of marketing automation in your affiliate marketing software.